Togetherness is important to us

Parent association

The parents are in an educational partnership with the educators and assume responsibilities such as administrative and organisational tasks. This is typical for a parent association.

Association Duties

The duties of the parents include tasks linked to the Parent association such as the managing committee or administrative services as well as the responsibility for providing breakfast and lunch in a rotating system. The thorough cleaning at weekends is thankfully provided by the Hochschule.


The participation of parents in a parent association are essential for both economic as well as pedagogical reasons. Parent nights take part on a monthly basis. The pedagogical staff updates parents on the everyday life of their children with a slideshow of pictures as well as showing some films of recent events.

Parent-Educator Conferences

There are Parent-Educator conferences concerning the acclimatisation of the child, the child’s development, the transition to the kindergarden or according to a current need.

Child Development

The pedagogical staff is documenting the children’s development with a book called “The tree of knowledge” by L. and M. Berger to exchange views about the children’s development with their parents.


The parents have access to the premises with their own house key as soon as they join the association and can therefore organise a flexible childcare of their children with other parents independently from the opening hours of the Socke. This also offers the possibility to stay longer after closing hour on rainy days to further play there with the children or look at the picture books together.