Pedagogical Concept


The pedagogical work at the “Socke” orients itself on the “Bremer Rahmenplan für Bildung und Erziehung im Elementar-Bereich” (The Bremen frame work for Elementary Education) which views the following bullet points as necessary for a holistic approach concerning children’s education and fostering:

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Some good reasons for the parents participating: We care very much about the emotional development of the children in our care and therefore a close cooperation of the parents and our team which is visible to the children is immensely important to us.

The parents noticeably take over responsibilities:

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Discovering the world

The „Socke“ shares Janusz Korczak’s view of education: From an answer, which has just been found, arises a new question. Humans are born explorers, they start developing their personality and their skills from their first moment and continue evolving throughout their whole life.

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Reggio pedagogics

The aforementioned point of view is also shared by Reggio pedagogigs which has influenced modern pedagogical perspectives (education as self-education). It incorporates the children’s environment. The cooperation with parents is immensely important. We share that view and live by it.


Since the children are of an age which doesn’t allow them to tell detailed stories about their experiences, the exchange with the educators plays an important part. We make sure that there is time and room for this exchange.

Berliner Modell

To ensure a stable foundation for the relationship between everyone involved in the child’s care, the familiarisation are being organised according to the “Berliner Modell”. This means that both children and parents have enough time to develop trust in the new relations and to slowly separate step by step.